B.Com (Computer Applications)

In today’s practical world use of computers and information technology are presumed to be critical in planning, Controlling and decision making activities to make business effective. The 3 year program offers a wide range of curriculum in all facets of accounting and finance. B.Com (Comp) is specially programmed for those students who want to “Carve out a future that is closer to their Dream”.

B.Sc(Mathematics, Statistics, Computers)

Three year degree program which combines software engineering techniques with mathematics & statistics. Statistics focuses on the concept of developing statistical models and techniques to analyze data. This course is specially for students looking for a career in the IT industry. The course covers all aspects of computers right from the basis of Operating System to Database Management Systems & advanced courses like Web Technologies, GUI Programming with Visual Basic & Server Side Programming with PHP, MySQL and Apache.

B.Sc (Mathematics, Physics, Computers)

Three year degree program which combines Mathematics,Physics & Computer Sciences not just limited to careers in one subject. IT industry, Electronics, Defence Communication, Health & Aerospace.

B.Sc (Mathematics, Chemistry, Computers)

Three year degree program which combines mathematics, chemistry & Computer Sciences not just limited to careers in one subject. Computer Science is a program which provides students exposure to the critical domains of the Natural Science i.e.,Chemistry. The curriculum emphasizes on the application oriented approach and development of problem solving skills in students. The Lab courses in this program provide students hands on exposure to electronic components, instrumentation techniques, microprocessor technology and computer applications. IT industry, Electronics, Defence, Communication, Health & Aerospace.

B.Sc (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)

BZC that is Botany,Chemistry and Zoology, is a combined course which teaches about the science of matter in more specialized manner and learn about its composition, structure, behavior, properties, and the changes it undergoes during any chemical reaction. They also learn about plant biology which includes study about algae, fungi, their growth, reproduction, development, chemical properties, structure, metabolism, etc. as a part of Botany.

B.Sc (Bio- Tech, Botany, Chemistry)

The Department of Biotechnology strives to achieve excellence in academics by providing quality education to students and encourage them to reach the pinnacle of success. The Department has designed dynamic and focused curriculums to develop a well-trained manpower in biotechnology for academic / industrial /pharmaceutical applications as well as research perspectives.